Como nós desenvolvemos

Your client will navigate smoothly, smoothly and easily, finding exactly what they are looking for. Make your eyes shine!

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    Resumo do projeto

    You tell the story of your company, tell us what you need and create an idea of ​​your site.

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    We will think of the pages you need, forms and conversion buttons, the sections and interactions you will need.

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    The development of a Landpage is an average of 7-10 days and for a 15-20 day site, we can use wordpress, html and pure php or even a laravel site if necessary.

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    As soon as the project is finished, we go up to one of our homologation servers where the customer can view it.

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    After the site has been approved, if Evolutap will configure the servers, the data being sent correctly, the project will be live in up to 48 hours.

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