Como nós desenvolvemos

We create APPLICATIONS based on React Native, and for control we use Laravel just like when we create SYSTEMS, so our development is faster and more cohesive, with more security and ease.

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    Resumo do projeto

    We define the customer's needs, our methodology is fast, clear and cohesive and we verify the functionality with precision. After gathering all the data, we set up an initial proposal and adjusted it in a few conversations. Once defined, we are ready to put the process into production.


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    The requirements are essential for the project to be done in the best way and solving the problem of our customers, we list the requirements and features and if necessary, we create the basic wireframe so that you have an idea of ​​how the platform will work.

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    The development process depends on the size of the project, usually a minimum viable product version takes 2 to 3 months on our homologation server.


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    After the first version sent to the client, he will be able to test on his cell phone with the panel in a test environment, at that moment we make the necessary adjustments for approval of the platform.

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    After testing, the application is ready to be published in ANDROID and IOS versions.

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