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We are approved for some existing virtual store tools in case you need specialists for development assistance and also with MKT DIGITAL, generating content, campaigns (adwords) and innovations.

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    Resumo do projeto

    A virtual store is something that has to be well specified, it can have several ways to sell on the internet. So we have to have all the information on how the customer will work, e-commerce is one more store, it can have integrations from stock and payments. We work with some platforms like JetCommerce e Loja Integrada.

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    To define your virtual store we need to know the quantity of product to be sold, payment gateway (Pagseguro, Paypal, Paid Market and etc.) is the platform that will collect the amounts paid within your website, which carrier if it is physical products and how you want to capture those customers.

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    If it is a ready-made platform like the partners we work with, our service is just to adjust the Layout (The face of the site), which will be shown to your customers. We can build a platform with your identity, showing exactly how you want to make your sales, where the online store has more development mobility.

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    After the development of the project, the site goes to our homologation server for payment tests, product registration, content adjustments and whatever else is defined by the customer.

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    Having done the tests we went up the platform for the client's hosting, after testing in production and delivered, we didn't add product content and its variations.

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